“Website Seo Optimization"

Without SEO optimization your website has no chances to reach the first top page in Google!

SEO optimization for your website is essential because this is the only way you can reach the top page in Google (or Bing/Yahoo! and other searching browsers). As in real life to reach in top positions it requires lots of work, you have to be ingenious and determined and not least you have to aquire technical and business knowledge, in other words a professional SEO promotion. You can do SEO optimization by yourself after a proper documentation and learning, but that requires lots of time if you want to get best results or you can hire and work with a professional agency which offers quality SEO services.

A few points to understand why the first page in Google is very important:

80% of users access the first results of searching browsers. 80%
The percentage of Google search browser in Romania is about 95% 95%
93% of internet users starts their browsing activity through a search browser. 93%
90% of users stops at first page results provided by Google search browser. 90%

What means SEO Optimization (Search Engine Optimization) in a website for searching browsers?

The SEO term comes from “Search Engine Optimization” and the translation in Romanian language is “optimization for search browsers”. We will try to explain in a few simple steps what SEO optimization means for a website:

SEO Optimization Explanation

Through SEO Optimization we are looking for content optimization on the keywords you would like to be seen in search browsers. Through this practice you can organically (natural, unpaid) grow your website traffic. For the paid ones there are PPC (Pay Per Click) Services where you pay to be displayed on the first page on search browsers

SEO Optimization Process

SEO Optimization process is very complex. From billion of searches made by users on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Yandex search browser or others, those has to look in all of their databases for the most relevant websites. One of the biggest search browser is Google and it shows us 200 factors for SEO Optimization which establish the results of searches. Another thing to take into consideration is that Google changes its own algorithms at least a few hundred times per year (Google Yearly Updates on Algorithms)

Most of those updates made by Google are minor, but sometimes they came up with a huge update like it was with Google Fred Update. Because of this most of SEO agencies, including our agency will always keep an eye on Google and also on all of its updates done periodically and we will also inform and learn everything that is new in the SEO world to stay updated. IN SEO industry it came out different SEO tools which can help you to automatically track some of the criterias that Google takes into consideration on SEO Optimization. Below you can see a few of the most important and used SEO tools, also used by our agency:

  • Instrument seo pentru cresterea traficului
  • Ahrefs Deep-crawl instrument seo pentru audit si monitorizare Deep Crawl SWD M
  • Majestic instrument seo pentru analiza backlink-urilor Majestic SWD
  • Screaming-frog instrument seo pentru analiza site ScreamingFrog
  • Semrush cel mai bun instrument seo pentru optimizare SemRush

Two of the most important things for websites are layouts and their own functionality on Google, Yahoo!/Bing etc. searching broswers also for the newest clients.

One of the procedures which helps solving issues on websites is known as on site optimization, through this kind of optimization intern problems and issues of the websites are going to be fixed like:

  • Slow loading speed of pages from the website!
  • Title and metadescription Optimization! titlurilor si metadescrierilor!
  • Proper link organization from website!
  • Attractive and friendly layout for your clients!
  • Images and video content optimization!
  • Rich content tailored on niche!
  • Html/php codes optimization!
  • URL links optimization!
SEO Real Booster

SEO Optimization of a website represent a real booster of your own online business!


SEO means a wide range of tasks which has to be met, not only a simple website optimization for some keywords. SEO is a business model for entrepreneurs, with a huge competitive advantage difficult to be copied if it is properly implemented. SEO means respect for our clients and also a responsibility to offer results on internet through the content we are actually creating and promoting.

Our mission represents success in the online environment of your own business. Romanian entrepreneurs should take into consideration the importance of SEO optimization process for having online success, that’s why we are here, to help you to understand step by step what SEO means.

SEO factors which are able to influence the process of an online business

  • Knowing clients behavior
  • Proper organization of products catalogue
  • Upgrade CPC campaigns
  • Upgrade purchase experience of your clients
  • Rise fidelity of your clients to your own brand
  • Rise brand reputation and its own power
  • Competitive advantage hard to get copied by competition
  • Detailed knowledge about competition

SEO Optimization Steps

SEO Optimization process of a website is very complex and it is highly recommended to be implemented in more steps

First step, even if its about online or offline marketing is establishing seo objectives. Because of this a seo promotion strategy through establishing all the seo objectives where we want to get has to be done. The SEO Campaign is also a part of the online marketing strategy which does not make an exception.

  • Developing our clients business and sales growth
  • Growth online business visibility in online environment
  • Growth numbers of visits/clients
  • Growth number of indexed keywords in search browsers

In the second step we will discuss about onpage seo optimization where the main focus is about total optimization of the website. Usually this step has to be done from the beginning when the site is done otherwise when we start optimzation it will completely change the friendly structure of the links

  • Users Experience
  • Indexing Analysis of clients business
  • Websites loading speed
  • Structured Analysis through all the pages/categories
  • Structured Analysis of pages with products and articles from the website

The off page optimization step is about getting the highest quality links and all the action happens outside of your website. Off page SEO represent many steps which has to be followed to improve the visibility of your own business in search browsers for the chosen keywords. This kind of optimization helps creating high quality links to your business.

  • Content marketing
  • Native publicity
  • Link building creation
  • Free ads on niche websites
  • Social media websites profile creation
  • High Quality articles in well known websites or from the same niche

Monitoring, analysis and reports are only a part of the whole SEO process. Without them we won’t be able to receive excellent results. That’s why we give a lot of attention to this step. That’s why we are offering these kind of reprots to our clients, to help them understand what seo means and why we are actually doing all these activities.

Because we are looking for total transparency and excellent results for all of our clients, we are offering them detailed monthly reports.

  • We are offering total transparency in all our activities
  • Impact monitoring of the taken actions in searching browsers.
  • Analyzing the achieved results in each week/month
  • Detailed reports
  • Access for each client on the
  • SEO monitoring app

Which are SEO Optimization Advantages

In last years you probably heard “Without a website your business won’t have much succes”. That’s very true, but nowadays the internet has evolved so much (more than 1 billion websites), and if your website doesn’t show in top searches of your potential clients that means you doesn’t exist. That’s why is necessary to do a seo optimization for your website.

The SEO optimization process is a continuous one with positive results on long term. As long as we reach the top, we have to stay there.

We will explain below what kind of advantages could bring a seo optimization campaign over your website:

It helps you to understand better the potential customers needs of your own business. The business purchasing behavior of your clients is vital for your own business. Through seo optimization campaigns your clients are not being pushed from behind, those are browsing through search browsers and they are looking for products/services only when they actually need them without pressuring them with all kinds of marketed messages.
The main objective of searching browsers is to offer users the most perfect and relevant results based on their searches. That’s why Google and other searching browsers are continuously improving and changes their algorithms and improves their bots to filter over 1 billion websites. That’s why, a seo optimization campaign is forcing us to raise ourselves to Google’s performance standards and also to raise the value of the website through the quality of the content to keep up with Google’s development.
Think about madame Figaro desires a vacation for her and her family and in multiple searches on searching browsers, no matter which kind of vacation would look up for, the first page, in a range of 80% of searches it shows one kind of tourism agency. Automatically that name of tourism agency will stays in her mind for a while and chances that tourism agency will became her business trip partner are very huge. The second time madame Figaro would go in a trip she will access directly the website of that tourism agency.
The main objective of seo optimization is the position in top search results in search browser meaning first of all much more traffic on website and secondly more clients for your own business.

FAQ about SEO Serivces

There is no fee or tax for starting a seo campaign. The start of a campaign means much more activities from SWD Romania, but those are FREE!

Do you issue the bill for all offered services?
All of our clients will get a contract for all our services (Services offered by SWD Romania). The bill is issued at the end of each month for the ongoing month and has a 7 day deadline term

How much is the cost of a seo campaign?
There isn’t an exact cost of a seo campaign because each seo campaign is unique based on niche activity. That’s why all our services are customized and tailored to our clients needs. We strongly believe in uniqueness. For us, each SEO promotion campaign is unique, each client is different! So, all of our deals are customized and tailored to our clients needs.

Do you issue the bill for all offered services?
All of our clients will get a contract for all our services (Services offered by SWD Romania). The bill is issued at the end of each month for the ongoing month and has a 7 day deadline term

There is any guarantee of offered services?

Our company is based on over 10 years experience in the SEO field and of already conducted campaigns analytics. Not last we provide the most professional SEO tools. Our experts guarantee to our clients profesionalism, transparency and a higher detail attention and pleasure.

10 Reasons to start a seo campagin together with SWD Romania

  • We have over 159 SEO optimization campaigns conducted
  • The best results on competitive keywords
  • We are having the best SEO infrastructure
  • Dedicated SEO experts team
  • Total transparency of SEO campaigns
  • Over 10 years experience in SEO campaigns
  • Over 8 years of experience in online sales
  • Constant monitoring of SEO campaigns
  • We are using top SEO tools
  • We are creating relevant content for your niche.

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