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PPC Guests have 50% more chances to purchase something than organic ones.

How a PPC Campaign its done?

  • To start this kind of campaign you need an
  • AdWords account, after you have created one you should introduce billing information and a valid banking account.
  • After finishing these actions you can start creating the campaign by setting the location where it will be placed.
    To engage public interest of your campaign you need a simple, concise and short message to describe clearly, pleasant and convincing what you are actually offering. After all of these you have to set your budget within going on the ad by one of the users you will be charges and pay per click (meaning how much you are paying for someone to access your website) and the one who accessed the ad will be sent to your website being a potential client.

Online Promotion – PPC Campaigns

What does mean PPC Campaigns or Pay Per Click Campaigns and why would you really need a service like this?

PPC Campaigns are the most used ways to advertise your products through Google AdWords, Facebook or Instagram campaigns. What does that mean?

In every relevant search, your Google browser will show your products or ads on the first page and also on websites that collaborates with Google on social media or Google services like Gmail, Youtube, Google Search, Google Books etc.

This way will bring you relevant traffic, this means you have more chances to rise up your sales approximately equal to the number of visitors who reached your website through their interest for your products or services shown in the ads.

This type of PPC campaign promoted through Google AdWords, Facebook or Instagram will bring you instant results on your website within highest visibility of your ads and user redirection by accessing *ads no.* so this leads to traffic growth on your website, growth of the interest for what you are offering and not last growth of the sales visibility and of course of the profit

What you should keep in mind during a promotion campaign?


The success of your campaign depends on which keywords you choose. You need to do a correct keyword analysis, thinking about what products you want to promote in this campaign and which words the user would use to get results relevant to the search. Keywords should describe very well the product you are promoting.


Depending on market and cost competition PPC is growing, sort of auction. When the budget allocated to your advertising is over, it is no longer displayed on the front page


If you do not have experience about creating a campaign and you do not know how it works, you can spend enormous amounts of money without having a result or profit.

The bond between PPC & SEO and the importance of your website optimization before starting an AdWords campaign

Many asks themselves which is the most proper investment when its about online advertising, what kind of costs are actually involved and what profit it could bring, SEO optimization ones or PPC Campaigns?
Sponsored campaigns on certain websites or social media or even Google’s search page results
A user is searching for a product and the campaign is showing the product and offer according to their searches. When they are accessing your ads. the traffic costs will get automatically generated meaning the clicks per costs on your campaign will get covered by yourself but accessed by an interested people of that certain product so that paid traffic will generate sales and of course profit
A PPC campaign costs are higher than SEO optimization but the results are immediately showing up but when the budget that suistains this campaign is over the promotion of the product or products is done so your products are not showing up in top results of the pages or into other websites
Those campaigns get profitable when you managed to loyalty the client and this is justified related to the domain. An unoptimized campagin only produces costs without a beneficial result

The bond between PPC & SEO and the importance of your website optimization before starting an AdWords campaign

It generates your online business stability, its own presence and placing it in top Google’s search results which means winning visitors or potential clients trust
Firstly a high quality content which takes out in evidence the idea of the brand and its own fidelity, a SEO optimized website will be able to generate lower costs during an AdWords campaign than an unoptimized one because Google, before generating the costs per keyword for PPC will analyze among others the quality of the ad content also your website and its optimization, this is why SEO optimization is recommended
After finishing this campaign your website will not generate the same traffic, but instead the SEO generated traffic is organic, natural and constant and it is obtained after searches done on web browsers after some certain keywords which are linked to the subjects found on your website.

Why SEO and PPC offer best results together?

Using the SEO service will produce only organic traffic generated by some keywords from your website and using PPC will offer exposure only to the ads part but in the moment when your presence is on the both sides your business is twice more obvious you will rank even faster in Google and have more chances to double your profit!

For example: me, as a customer I search on Google men jeans and let’s suppose that your business is in the clothing field. Google search results will display:

  • the ad where jeans for mens are showing belonging to your PPC campaign and immediately after the ad, your website will appear as a SEO optimization result. What does that mean? the customer access through a wide variety of products which are found on your website, so even more chances to get sales for yourself and a higher profit

Ways to promote with ads support and what that means:

Within our services we will assure that your own business will reach higher rankings in Google

Video Advertising

Video advertisment covers online ads that has video content inside them, but in general it is accepted that it actually refers to advertising that takes place before, during and / or after a video stream on the Internet. The advertising units used in this case are pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll, and all of these ad units are similar to the traditional spot advertising which you are seeing on TV, although they are often “cut” a shorter version than on television

Remarketing PPC Campaigns

AdWords Remarketing is a form of online advertising that allows websites to show targeted ads to users who have already visited their websites. Past customers will see these ads while they are browsing the web, watching YouTube videos, or reading news sites, for example – keep your brand awesomeness and attract visitors that are willing to come back for even more shopping

Social Advertising

Public relations are projected by their own nature to reach masses. Using of social medias for public relations has proved to be a viable option. A survey found out that companies and firms with social media accounts and blogs have a 55% increase in their websites traffic. Social media increases visibility, as it causes readers to access the page

Advertising Display

Ad-based advertising displays on sites or apps or on social media networks contained in banners or other ad formats made from text, images, flash, video and audio. The main purpose of display advertising is to provide site visitors with general ads and branded or marketed messages

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